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About Village Woodshop

Creative Process


To make my fine wooden toys I start with rough sawn maple boards. These boards are planed on both sides until they are smooth. I then resaw them to just above the finished thickness. They are then planed to the exact thickness.

The next step is to cut out the pieces to make a finished product. After cutting out the pieces they are routed, if necessary, and definitely sanded. The next step is what I call pre-assembly. That is when I partially put together the toy but don’t assemble it entirely because of the painting procedure. When a toy is more than one color each piece must be painted separately. At this time I apply masking tape where necessary and plug any holes where small pieces will later be glued. At this point I am ready to paint, which is done with an air brush. After two coats of paint the toy gets at least two coats of poly and then set aside to dry.

When thoroughly dry the toy is put through the "final assembly" step. I then double check to make sure everything looks good, all the wheels turn freely and everything is all set. Then I wrap it in bubble wrap and pack it away for my next show.

About the Shop

George Egan
I've been creating wood toys since 1978  (more)...