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10 1/2" LONG 5 1/2" WIDE 6 1/4" HIGH
This beautyifully crafted tow truck is a unique piece of equipment for a toy. It's operation is what makes it unique. The crank wheel has a peg on the back side that locks the crank in place so the vehicle being towed will stay up in the air. Great fun and pride in ownership.

Item # TTR2



6 1/2" LONG 6 1/2" WIDE 4" HIGH
This colorful little plane has two wings and a prop that really spins and a pilot ready for a trip around the world. The quality is excellent and so easy for your little one to play with, no matter where he or she wants to go.

Item # MBP4



23" LONG 2 1/4" WIDE 4 1/2" HIGH
This five piece hand crafted train is a must for the tots,teens and adult "kids" to own . This train is something to look at and something to play with and something to show off in your home or office. As with all our toys non-toxic paint used throuhout.

Item # PTR6



10 1/2" LONG 4 1/2" WIDE 5 3/4" HIGH
This rugged ten wheeler is as serviceable as any log truck on the road. This truck built with the high quality and craftsmanship associated with The Village Woowshop comes with a cargo of twelve logs.

Item # SLGT8



9 1/2" LONG 4 1/4" WIDE 4 3/4" HIGH
What child has not dreamed of owning his own dump truck? Now his dream comes true with this beautifuly hand crafted dump truck. This dump truck really dumps it's load and is finished with non-toxic paint.

Item # DTR15



8 1/4" LONG 4" WIDE 5 1/2" HIGH
Where do you want your cement poured? Here is a beautifuly hand crafted rendition of a cement truck, and the drum really spins. An excellent toy for years of enjoyment.

Item # CTR17



12 1/2" LONG 5" WIDE 7" HIGH
Young boys and girls have always looked up to firefighters as one of their favorite heros and that is probably the main reason they have a strong desire to play with fire trucks. Here is an excellent fire truck with three ladders and extra space for extra hose and more firefighters if necessary. This truck is done with excellant craftsmanship by tThe Village Woodshop.

Item # FTR18



9" LONG 4 1/2" WIDE 5 3/4" HIGH
Here is a real good toy truck. Finished with all non-toxic paints, as are all the toys are at The Village Woodshop,it has nine barrels to load and unload when you play with your buddies. You can take the barrels out and load up with other things you may want to deliver.

Item # BB21



6" long 3" wide 4" HIGH
Where is the child who dosen't thrill to watch the fire trucks go whizzing down the street? Here is a fire truck that your little one can call his own. This one has two removable ladders to lean against the building on fire to help save lives.

Item # MFTR3



7 1/2" long 2" wide 3" HIGH
After you reach your delivery point you back your trailer up to the loading dock, disconect your trailer and go to your next stop to pick up another trailer. Now that is fun and what child would not want to have that much fun?

Item # SMTR30



11 3/4" LONG 10 3/4" WIDE 8 1/4" HIGH
This type of airplane is associated with World War 1. This particular model is equiped with a pilot. It gets it's name from the beautiful blue color of the non-toxic paint used to finish the plane. Exquisite item as a toy or a collectable show piece for the home or office.

Item # BB33



9 3/4" LONG 4 1/2" WIDE 5 1/2" HIGH
No farm can operate without this all purpose truck. This farm truck is made for bringing produce to market and bringing suplies back home. Finished with non-toxic paint, as are all the toys at The Village Woodshop,this truck is ideal for many duties on the farm.

Item # FMTR36



23" LONG 2 1/4" WIDE 4 1/2" HIGH
This toy is good for evry kid from three to ninety-three. I would love to have enough room on my desk to show this train off. I should imagine that a child would have hours of fun playing trains. This five piece train set is superbly hand crafted with the reputation of The Village Woodshop's excellent craftmanship.

Item # HFTR40



14" LONG 10 3/4" WIDE 8 1/2" HIGH
An old fashioned two winged plane finished with our non-toxic paints. This plane with workable wheels and a prop that spins will make any child a proud owner.

Item # BIPL42



11 1/2" LONG 10 3/4" WIDE 7 1/4" HIGH
Although the Red Baron was a real person, who became famous durring one of the great wars, we also have a biplane called the Red Baron. For the child interested in aviation this plane would be an outstanding piece for his or her collection

Item # RB49



13" LONG 4 3/4" WIDE 6 3/4" HIGH
Here is a pratical toy that belongs in the collection of every tidy little boy or girl in your household. This is a rubbish truck, like the one that comes every week to pick up your rubbish and disposes of it at the local incinerator. Notice that the top comes off for easy loading and unloading.What fun we can have getting rid of trash.

Item # RB50



9 1/2" long 6 1/4" wide 5 1/2" HIGH
If you are into the construction business this toy is an absolute necessity. It is rough, tough and durable. The scoop goes up and down and it's simulated gear shifts, treads and dashboard meters give it a look of real authenticity.

Item # BDZ52



12" LONG 10 3/4" WIDE 7 1/2" HIGH
For the young aviator who wonders about "prop" planes we have a monoplane with a pilot. Assembled with no removable parts, it is crafted with safety in mind as well as enjoyment for the young at heart

Item # MOPL54



8 1/2" LONG 2" WIDE 4 1/4" HIGH
All warmed up and ready to take off is this excellently hand crafted helicopter. Like all our toys at The Village Woodshop, this chopper is sturdy, durable and enjoyable for any fun loving youngster.

Item # HL70



6 1/2" LONG 6 1/2" WIDE 2 3/4" HIGH
This mini plane comes with a pilot who seems to know where he is going and is an excellent addition to any child's wooden plane collection. With a spinning prop and non-toxic paints, this plane is ready to fly to the fun.

Item # MP80



14" long 11 1/2" wide 5 1/2" HIGH
If you are in a hurry a jet is the way to fly, and this one "wood" get you there fast.This jet is all ready to go, all it needs is a pilot that is willing to spend some time having fun.

Item # JL39



6 1/2" long 6 1/2" wide 3 3/4" HIGH
This little jet is all fueled up and ready to take off to the land of fun. After our pilot gets aboard we will fasten our seat belts and be on our way.

Item # MJL55



4" long 2 3/8" wide 3" high

Item # MCV46

4 BY 4


4" long 2 3/8" wide 2 3/8" high

Item # 4X410



2 7/8" long 2 3/8" wide 1 7/8" high

Item # DNCR11



4 1/2" long 2 3/8" wide 2 3/4" high

Item # MRB45



4 1/2" long 2 3/8" wide 3 1/2" high

Item # MCV46



3 7/8" LONG 2 3/8" WIDE 2 7/8" HIGH

Item # MO47



7 1/2" LONG 2 3/8" WIDE 3 1/8" HIGH
With an open trailer for hauling cargo.

Item # SCTTR19